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8 Ways to Revive Your Website

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

With changes coming daily, it’s important that your business stays ahead of the game. By refreshing your website, you’ll be able to renovate your brand while boosting engagement. Here's how:

1. Test your website on all browsers and devices

Your website may look great on a computer, but how about when on a smartphone? Web design can be tricky to master for all platforms, but it’s essential for credibility and engagement. Does your website function properly on different servers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome? Ensure that your website is accessible for all users with a functionality test.

2. Re-evaluate your navigation and site hierarchy

You know your website well, but do your customers? Make sure that your website is user-friendly by evaluating its overall structure and navigation. How could your website better serve your viewers?

3. Review your call to action buttons

By having engaging call-to-action buttons on your website you can increase consumer engagement on your site. Make sure your call-to-actions are designed well and clear. Place buttons on your website that make users want to click and find out more! That way, you are receiving more website interaction and longer visit times.

4. Perform a content audit

Does the content on your website reflect your business’ mission and story? What does your messaging say about you as a brand? Is all of the information on your website current and credible? Perform a content audit to make sure that your website is updated and engaging.

5. Perform a Link Audit

Sometimes the links within your page are expired or outdated. Perform a link audit to ensure that each link on your website is active and relevant. Not only does this make your website more user-friendly, but it increases your business’ credibility, as well.

6. Review your analytics data

Google Analytics is an extremely helpful tool to provide insight on your website’s engagement. Find out who is visiting, how long they’re staying, and even how they access your page. With analytic data, you can understand your audience better to target consumers and increase traffic.

7. Conduct a competitor analysis

To ensure your business will be successful, you need to understand what sets you apart from your competitors. Find out what their websites look like, how they function, and what kind of engagement they receive. It’s important to find out what areas could improve within your own business to make customers come to you instead of your competitors. What makes you unique?

8. Reexamine your keyword strategy

Did you know that the terms connected to your website affect how well it is seen? Keywords are an important part of making sure your business shows up at the top of the list when searched within a browser. SEO, search engine optimization, allows for an evaluation and reworking of keywords to ensure that your website shows up and stands out.

Need help with any of the above tasks? EMILY can do a thorough evaluation and refresh of your website for you! Our customizable services can target any area of website development. Visit our website,, or give us a call (803) 271-0875 for more information on how to take your website to the next level.

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Unknown member
Jan 27, 2021

I think no need to revive your blog on all browsers and devices. Now you can check your blog speed easily through one system on this will help you out to find out the reliability and durability of your blog pages.

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