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Meet The Boots On The Ground

When you visit our Meet the Team page, it becomes clear that the Co-Founders of EMILY™ created a team that thinks outside the box and provides views and thoughts from diverse backgrounds. We intentionally structured ourselves this way to ensure that we could serve the broadest community possible. We approach each target market from a “Day in the Life” perspective. This requires us to understand the complexities and issues that our targeted markets deal with on a daily basis.

We review, brainstorm, and critically review our concepts to ensure they meet the Client’s needs AND will resonate with the targeted market. We believe that the best example of this is the work that we did for the United Way Association of South Carolina’s SC Counts 2020 Census project. In that project, the hard to count populations were the targeted markets. We created content, visuals, and templates for multiple communities and sub-communities, ensuring that we captured and distributed the message to the target markets.

Kenzie Barneycastle

Content Creator

Pedro Campos

Brand Ambassador

Alicia Holbrook

HR & Office Manager

I am a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree is Business Administration.

Raekwon Graham

SEO and Data Analytic Specialist

Having this opportunity to use graphic design every day is like a dream come true; it's almost like being able to create my own reality.

Byron Mason

SEO Specialist

Lindsay Wells

Marketing Associate

Chris Kemper

Co-Founder / CEO

Chris is not a traditional marketer. Over the past 25 years, he has varied experiences that helped build his view of the world.

Jasmine Shull

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

My name is Jasmine and I was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. I Graduated from USC Upstate in 2016 with a BFA in Graphic Design and a Minor in Web Development.

Katie Chappell

Blogger & Copywriter

Hello! My name is Katie Chappell and I’m from Newberry, SC. I am an honors sophomore at Newberry College majoring in English with a double minor in Business Administration and Communications.

Ignacio García de Sola

Brand Ambassador

Hello, my name is Ignacio García de Sola. I am an international student- athlete at Newberry College from Madrid, Spain.

Michele Gangale

Administrative Assistant & Newberry Now

Samie Worthington

Co-Founder / CMO

Through sheer grit and determination, she started her own marketing business several years ago and is excited to partner with Chris and Micah.

Jonathan Mashack

Graphics & Videography

Salutations! I am Jonathan Mashack, just your simple neighborhood Multimedia Specialist (aka Graphic Designer).

Vojin Manojlovic

Brand Ambassador

Hello, I am Vojin Manojlovic. I am an international student at Newberry College from Montenegro

  • Newberry, South Carolina
  • Newberry, South Carolina
  • Newberry, South Carolina

Office Location: 1201 Boyce St., Newberry SC 29108

Mailing Address: PO Box 221, Newberry, SC 29108


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