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Sixteen-year-old American Revolutionary War Heroine

Who is Emily?

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Emily Geiger

Sixteen-year-old American Revolutionary War heroine Emily Geiger (1765–1825) was captured by the English while on a military mission as a civilian. She refused to stand by and wanted to help with the war efforts. But, she was told by male leadership she couldn't help BECAUSE SHE WAS A GIRL!

Emily refused to take NO for an answer. She was trusted to carry an important secret message from General Nathaniel Greene across enemy lines through, what is now known as, the Midlands of South Carolina. All by horseback! She was captured and questioned. However, thanks to her quick thinking and courage she memorized the message and destroyed the evidence by eating it.  Since she outsmarted the English, they were forced to release her. She rode almost 50 miles by horseback alone and in the middle of the Revolutionary War!

She completed her important mission and got the message through to General Thomas Sumter. The result was the Battle of Cowpens and ultimately the English departure from South Carolina - a strategic win for the Revolution! All because of a sixteen-year-old girl and her horse. 

And like Emily, we help deliver your message!

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