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Section 3.1. Corporate History

Established in November 2018, EMILY: Revolutionary Marketing Group™ was founded upon a need within the community and a love for small businesses. Co-Owners Chris and Samie discovered a common goal to grow the economic state of their community, acknowledging that a team effort would be necessary to catalyze the kind of change they envisioned. From the beginning, EMILY™ has maintained a focus on its mission – helping small businesses realize their potential in creative ways that won’t break the bank. As an innovative company with a fairly young team, EMILY™ is driven by a desire to make sure that future generations are well equipped with the tools to be successful, while also using youth as an advantage to curate fresh, creative content.

We hear one question more than any other; Who is EMILY™? Born in 1765, Emily Geiger was an American Revolutionary War heroine who was captured by the English while on a military mission as a civilian. Carrying an important secret message from General Nathanael Greene across enemy lines, Emily was captured and questioned. However, thanks to her quick thinking and unmatched courage, she memorized the message and destroyed the evidence by eating it. Because she outsmarted the English, she was released and completed her important mission. Her delivery resulted in the Battle of Cowpens and the English departure from South Carolina – a strategic victory, to say the least.

EMILY: Revolutionary Marketing Group™ was inspired by the young Geiger and found her story to be relevant and inspiring. Just like Emily Geiger herself, our company works to deliver your message no matter the obstacles. EMILY™ values revolutionary thinking like that of Emily Geiger and encourages innovation within the marketing industry. Based in a historic town, EMILY: Revolutionary Marketing Group™ aims to bring businesses with robust history into the modern world, while still maintaining the original charm and significance of their story.

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